Coloraze & MochiMedia

 As of March 31st the ad distribution network MochiMedia shut its doors and went to prepare Flash's deathbed. For me this means that Coloraze will no longer serve advertisements. While this is unfortunate, I will actually miss MochiMedia's analytics most. As part of MochiMedia's shutdown procedure I obtained a small portion Coloraze's statistics (notably excluding geographic information of players). I obviously plotted this data to show the life of Coloraze.

Updated Design (Again)

 Once again I have refreshed the look and function of the site. While I probably should have done something more useful like flesh out the content of this site, this feels slightly more rewarding.

Included in this update are several update:
  • New Layout
  • Ajax loaded content for different tabs
  • Gallery browser
  • More content!

Updated Design

 Now that this site a fresh new look it is time to actually populate it with content - and also look into the SQL server that comes with this free hosting...

...Which is pretty awesome, I now have my own simple content management system, which I can use to edit this post!

Redesign Ahead

 Since this site has been sitting here hidden on the internet, with the only links leading to it carefully placed in my resume, I've decided that what this site needs is a redesign. Not that this announcement is necessary since nobody knows this site exists, but this is all part of my plans to change that. Along with an updated look I hope to add to this site examples of my work to give it a more professional feel. I'm also considering purchasing a domain name. Unfortunately has been sitting in the hands of some English lad who refuses to put content on the site or even respond to my inquires about purchasing it from him, since he seems to have no real use for it. =)

Up and Running

 After a surprisingly short amount of time and only three or four color palettes, I now a have website ready to fill with lots of interesting content.
Don't forget to play with my new interactive logo!